Statue Marvel

Arriving at the beginning of the Battle of New York in an old motorcycle, Dr. Bruce Banner joins the
Avengers. Receiving the information from Iron Man that he was getting closer and was attracting the
enemy's attention, Captain America alerts Banner that it would be a really good time for him to get angry,
then the good doctor undisturbedly replied that the secret to induce a controlled transformation is that he
was always angry, instantaneously transforming in the Incredible Hulk, and stopping a Leviathan with a
punch. Iron Studios bring the statue 'Hulk Battle of NY - The Infinity Saga - BDS Art Scale 1/10', with
the Green Goliath on a pedestal of the battle debris, joining the defender heroes of Earth, when he's ordered by Captain America to simply 'smash' the Chitauri.

Size: 27 x 21 x 18 cm

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