Statue I Flintstones

Flexible and agile, the small caveman prepares himself with his rustic golf club to deliver his play. Focused but also relaxed with his tongue out, he keeps his eyes on the ball, ready to send it straight to the hole. Thus, Iron Studios present the statue 'Barney Rubble - The Flintstones - Art Scale 1/10'. Cheerful and casual, Barney is Fred Flintstone's neighbor and best friend. While Fred is constantly seeking ways of getting rich, Barney thinks his life is good just the way it is but ends up participating in Fred's plans and schemes because of their friendship bonds. Caring and dedicated to his wife Betty, and a loving father for his adoptive son Bamm-Bamm, Barney is often good-natured, although sometimes sarcastic while making jokes with his friend, and occasionally losing his temper with Fred. Barney likes bowling, snooker, poker, disturbing Fred's garage and principally playing golf. He's also a member of the Water Buffaloes brotherhood and an operator in the same quarry where Fred works.

Product size: approx. 15 x 10 x 9 cm

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