Action figures Monster & Co. (Monsters University)

Welcome to all returning students, Monsters University is commencing!!!!

Beast Kingdom's D-Stage, 'Staging Your Dreams' collection is ready to take you back to Monsters University with the launch of the D-Stage 128DX figurine. Fully restoring the fun and exciting world of Mike and Sulley, with a 360 degree miniature masterpiece.

Enter the campus itself with stone pillars, and the university emblem on top. As you enter you will be greeted with the lovable duo as if they are welcoming you, with Mike riding little Archie ready to escape! What exciting activities will you be involved in this semester? In addition to the main attraction, eagle eyed collectors can find many interesting details such as promotional posters, as well as a the little snail hiding behind our two heroes. Can you find all the exciting details?

A delightfully detailed figurine built for fans of the zany university of scares! Be sure to add it to your collection today, only from an official Beast Kingdom outlet.

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