Action figures Mazinger

Celebrating 20 years since the debut of the Mazinkaizer anime, this new edition takes the GX-75 Mazinkaizer body and ramps up theexcitement with chrome colors, plus a new Final Kaizer Blade scaled up to full-sized glory. And that's not all: the stand features a sound chipthat plays back sound effects and Ichiro Mizuki's unforgettable 'Theme from Mazinkaizer!'

Set Contents: Main Body, Kaizer Scrander, Kaizer Scrander wings (L/R), Three optional pairs of hands, Face parts for standby, Kaizer Pilder (Flight mode), Kaizer Pilder (Docked), Kaizer Blade (x2), New Final Kaizer Blade, Kaizer Blade manifestation parts (x2), Stand with sound effects, Stand with arms (x2), Connecting parts for Kaizer Scrander, Kaizer Scrander joint, Optional chest emblem, 2 AAA batteries (sold separately).

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