Model kit Mazinger

The Demon God Emperor Mazinkaiser Haou in a special Mazin set!

The next HAGANE WORKS action figure is Mazinkaiser Haou, the warrior Mazin that carries the gigantic Zanbato sword on its back!

The fully painted, fully articulated figure stands at around 17cm tall and comes with a special chair base.

Made in collaboration with high-end mecha model developer Sentinel.

The Zanbato sword on its back has been recreated with diecast materials. The action figure also comes with the large gatling gun Daisharin Vulcan as well.

All three swords can be displayed unsheathed for creating combat scenes.

Set Contents: Figure, Kaiser Pilder, Daisharin Vulcan, Zanbato, Wakizashi x2, Connecting Joint, Hand Parts (3 varieties, right and left hand parts), Chair, Weapon Stands, Folding Screen)

All optional parts can be mounted on the chair and stand.

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