Statue Jurassic Park

'It's all about control with you. I don't control the Raptors. It's a relationship. It's based on mutual respect.' - Owen Grady

Prime 1 Studio is happy to announce the addition of more Velociraptors to our Prime Collectible Figure Series! We present the first of Blue's dangerous and cunning pack: the 1:10 Scale DELTA from Jurassic World!

Owen Grady raised Blue and her sisters as siblings. While their relationship was tenuous, there was an underlying foundation of respect. Altogether, the Velociraptor pack was a stunning sight to behold!

Prime 1 Studio sculptors and painters are proud to finally enable our passionate fans to complete the whole Velociraptor pack! Delta comes in at 7 inches tall and more than a foot long. You can tell Delta apart from her sisters from her raised stance and cool grey coloring with darker grey striping. Her muscles ripple underneath her impeccably detailed hide, full of wrinkles, bumps, and scales. Delta exhibits a healthy sheen from a carefully applied, realistic gloss coat.

Delta stands ready to take cues from the pack leader on a Jurassic World-themed earthen base sporting a bronze-finished Jurassic World logo towards the front.

Delta fits perfectly with the other 1:10 scale Velociraptors to complete the whole pack! Awesome to display all together with PCFJW-03 Blue, PCFJW-05 Echo, and PCFJW-06 Charlie! Catch them ASAP before they disappear into the wild!

Material: Vinyl, PVC, Polystone & other materials

Product Size: 17 x 36 x 14 cm

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