Statue Halo

'Wake me when you need me.'
- Master Chief to Cortana.

It's the year 2552 and time for Master Chief to wake up and again save humanity from the Covenant.

This striking statue shows the Master Chief from Halo 3 traversing a rocky outcrop ready to deal the Covenant a fatal blow. Spartan 117 has his trusted assault rifle on his back, is holding his Energy Sword outstretched that is prepared to strike while his left hand is open and ready to deal with whoever and whatever crosses his path.

This Master Chief statue is approximately 1:4 scale and stands about 48 cm (19') tall (including the base), an impressive 60 cm (23.5') wide to the tip of his Energy Sword, is made using polystone resin and is meticulously hand-crafted and painted by artisans*.

Each statue comes in a deluxe full-colour packaging, has a validation card and a hand-numbered base.

The Master Chief statue measurements (approximate):

Height: 48 cm (19') (i.e. from the bottom of the base to the top of the assault rifle on Master Chief's back)
Length: 43 cm (17')
Width: 60 cm (23.5')
Weight: 11 kg (28 lbs)

Limited to 1000 statues worldwide.

Please note: For this item, demand is expected to be higher than the available quantity, which may result in allocations or cancellations of quantities ordered.

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