Action figures Animaniacs

Eldest of the Warner siblings, Yakko is the living embodiment of fast-talking puns, zany gags, and comic innuendo- and don't let that Milton Berle tell ya any different! This 7' scale highly-articulated Animaniacs ULTIMATES figure of Yakko features premium detail and comes with interchangeable heads & hands, and a variety of other accessories from some of his most memorable episodes and gags. Now's the time to boingy, Boingy, BOINGY your way over to pre-order your Yakko ULTIMATES! figure!


- 2x interchangeable heads
- 7x interchangeable hands
- 2x Interchaneable tails
- 1x Pointer
- 1x Bag of Fun
- 1x Stick of dynamite
- 1x Black Board - World Map

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